Technology Puts People Under Pressure

If technology was supposed to set the modern worker free, create more leisure time and make people more productive, then it has singularly failed, according to new research.

Workers in the UK are under greater pressure and work longer hours than ever because of the increasing complexity of their employer’s IT systems, the study commissioned by BT has argued.

The poll of 445 senior managers found seven out of 10 believed staff at their companies were generally under more pressure than three years ago. More than eight out of 10 (86 per cent) felt their employees also worked longer hours than three years ago.

IT systems producing too much of the “wrong sort” of data was widely blamed for this increase, with 40 per cent of those polled arguing their organisation produced far too much useless or unneeded information. Compounding this, the typical office worker also gets interrupted every three minutes by a phone call, e-mail, instant message or other distraction – but it takes about eight uninterrupted minutes for the brains to get into a really creative state.

Failing or stubborn IT systems are constantly being cited as one of the biggest stressors for many workers. The survey of more than 1,000 office workers found computers were overwhelmingly the number one cause of lost productivity, with crashes, printer jams and network problems wasting 48 minutes a day.

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Murdoch on the Future of Media

Interesting speech held by Rupert Murdoch in front of American Society of Newspaper Editors on present and future trends in media, especially the printed media. Here are some excerpts:

a recent report by the Carnegie Corporation about young people’s changing habits of news consumption and what they mean for the future of the news industry.

According to this report, and I quote, “There’s a dramatic revolution taking place in the news business today, and it isn’t about TV anchor changes, scandals at storied newspapers or embedded reporters.” The future course of news, says the study’s author, Merrill Brown, is being altered by technology-savvy young people no longer wedded to traditional news outlets or even accessing news in traditional ways.

they want the option to go out and get more information, or to seek a contrary point of view. And finally, they want to be able to use the information in a larger community – to talk about, to debate, to question, and even to meet the people who think about the world in similar or different ways.

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Re-branding! Or not!

At one point I really thought these kind of deals are only possible in Romania. It seems they aren’t.

After spending S$400,000 ($240,964) to come up with a suitable new name for the revamped downtown Marina Bay, Singapore has decided to stick to, well, Marina Bay, media reports said Friday.

The city-state’s urban development authorities and global branding company Interbrand spent months deliberating over 400 potential names before settling on the original moniker, according to the Today newspaper. The $400,000 financed a massive branding exercise that involved market tests, focus group discussions and consultations with developers and the general public, Today said.

No comment!

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Blogging Guide from Oglivy PR

Oglivy PR released The Executive Blogger’s Guide to Building a Nest of Blogs, Wikis & RSS (PDF, 2.8MB).

Changes in online technology have taken what was already a revolution in communication and now morphed the internet into a real-time forum wherein for the first time, participants are as powerful as traditional controllers of media and public relations messages.

The publication covers all important aspects of blogging, with an accent on corporate blogging:

  • Welcome to the Blogosphere: The End of Top-Down Talk
  • What are Blogs?
  • How Powerful Have Blogs Become?
  • The Unique Characteristics of Blogs
  • Business Blog Examples
  • How To Use RSS
  • Newsreaders
  • Searching and Monitoring Blogs
  • Launching Your Blog
  • Corporate Policies and Blogging
  • Blog Backfires
  • Moblogs & Vblogs
  • Wikis
  • Conclusion:Your Game Plan

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Microsoft in the News

UPDATE 2: Well, Microsoft felt like it needed to explain the new “Vista” name so here is what they say that the new version of Windows:

deserved a name that was more representative of what it specifically brings to customers.

Today, we live in a world of ‘more’ — more information, more ways to communicate, more things to do, more opportunities — and at the same time, more responsibilities. Increasingly, we all turn to our PCs to help us with that.

More on BetaNews website

UPDATE 1: Official announcement of the new Windows Vista was made today, as well as the official website launched.

Well Micrsoft was present quite often lately in the (un)official news, blogs and stuff. The latest rumor, citing sources close to the company who requested anonymity, is about the official name of the future Windows release, known until know under the codename Longhorn.

Microsoft has decided on an official name for Longhorn: Windows Vista. I find it kind of ugly, as I was really getting used (already hmmm) with the codename, but, as someone put it, it’s better than Windows 2009, right?.

Microsoft has relied primarily on date-oriented names for many of its products, although it has shied away from those on occasion. Longhorn Beta 1 is widely expected to be unveiled next week. Beta 2 is due in the first half of 2006. Microsoft officials confirmed on Thursday the final release is still on track for the latter half of 2006. Also there were more screenshots of the new Windows release flying around in the blogsphere.

Keeping on the tags, Microsoft and Beta testing, Microsoft started to send out invites to test out the new hotmail. The new hotmail site will go live within 7 days for beta testers and they will have the first peek at it. Everyone will be upgraded to 2GB when this is released with alot of new features like keyboard shortcuts for example.

Last, but not least, the new MSN Messenger 7.5 Beta, leaked out (before plan) and can be downloaded here and MSN Screen Saver (Beta) is good for download already from Microsoft website. With the MSN Screen Saver (Beta) you can: personalize with background photos and news and weather information from MSN or any RSS feeds from websites you choose, search the Web and click news headlines directly from the Screen Saver and stay connected with MSN Hotmail, MSN Messenger, and MSN Spaces. Track how many unread Hotmail messages and current Messenger conversations you have, and display blogs and photos from your friends’ MSN Spaces. Tobe mentioned that MSN Screen Saver requires installation of the MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search on the same computer (typical Microsoft ugly stuff).

More, Internet Explorer 7 will go beta this summer. Check some screenshots here.

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Now, that’s entrepreneurship!

A teenager awaiting his A level results has become the latest entrant into the low cost airline arena. Daniel Reilly, 18, has leased a Boeing 737 with money from venture capitalists to set up Nexus Airlines.

Flights from Liverpool’s John Lennon Airport to Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura are due to begin on November 1 with seats on sale from Friday. Prices are from £50 one-way.

I’ve always been interested in aviation so I decided to do my A level business studies project on setting up an airline,” the BBC reported Reilly saying. “I called round a few airlines and asked how they had done it and I slowly realised it was quite achievable.

via: Business Opportunities Weblog

“Live” Billboards in Times Square

In the digital age, with new technology sprouting ever more elaborate media vehicles to challenge the traditional media mix, one of the oldest media, out-of-home, seems to be holding its own.

Today, Calvin Klein fragrances launch a living billboard in Times Square for ck cne. It’s a billboard where models will live and be visible to the public both day and night. About 40 models are living on the side of a building as part of New York City’s first-ever live billboard.

CK Live BillboardPedestrians are able to view the models as they live in the billboard throughout the day and night. Young models on the billboard have been instructed to create an illusion of a big party 24 hours a day. The billboard features music as well. The models will work through shifts through Wednesday night. They were reportedly told not to drink on the billboard or perform risque behavior.

It seems that CK wasn’t the first and is deffinetly not the last in this kind of advertising.

On July 27th, Target will stage a vertical fashion show on the side of a building at the Rockefeller Center. This fashion show will feature 15 acrobats who will walk 9 stories down the building

Yahoo created a living billboard in LA, featuring a dating single who lived in the Sunset Strip billboard for three days

Adidas staged a spectacular soccer game on the side of a building between two live players.

London to host 2012 Olympics

London will host the 2012 Summer Games, members of the International Olympic Committee have decided.

After Moscow, New York and Madrid were eliminated in the first three rounds, London beat its cross-Channel opponent on the fourth ballot of the International Olympic Committee vote — capping the most glamorous and hotly contested bid race in Olympic history.

London, which last held the games in 1948, centers its bid on the massive urban renewal of a dilapidated area of East London. It’s the fourth bid from Britain after failed attempts by Birmingham for the 1992 Olympics and Manchester for 1996 and 2000.

Official website of the candidate: London 2012

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Site Upgrade

There’s a site upgrade ongoing at the moment, as I switched from the old, text-based, CuteNews to the newer, MySQL based Drupal.

First reason for this change, was the (well obvious) the lack of database back-end of CuteNews, but also the lack of support from the host especially in what was related to mod_rewrite (and some more friendlier URL’s) and to impossibility of hosting a way simplier system as WordPress :(.

During the upgrade, the un-compliant Internet Explorer browser, may act strange, so just blame Microsoft for it or switch to any other browser. Also, some of the links may not act properly which shouldn’t be a reason to worry either.

Any suggestions or feedback are welcome.

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