What’s Next for Online Advertising

Bumped into an interesting of well adviced opinions on the matter and just couldn’t help myself quoting some excerpts of it:

Bant Breen (Interpublic Group): Streaming video is very promising. But can we build a new industry on it? It has to be scalable. Advertisements on blogs yield lower response, that doesn’t mean that we are against advertising on blogs. I have mixed results in the viral space, but we have to be open, very open to these things.

Jason Rapp (New York Times): Standards in measurements, streaming formats etc. are needed. Advertising is a mixture of art and science. We’re focusing on the science now, but let’s not forget the art.

Ron Belanger (Yahoo): We cannot confuse direct response marketing with branding. Measurement will be the first step. Behavioural targeting is interesting, but segmentation adds complexity. For us, volume is more important than segmentation. For us, it matters which channel is important for which brand.

Jeff Lanctot (Avenue A – RazorFish): [Google] brought the accountability in the market. There will be a window of time in which new emerging models will not be accountable, e.g. podcasting. But the time will come where they will have to be accountable. On behavioural targeting: it’s just about segmentation of the user base to get more effective targeting. Not enough advertisers are telling a story. We have to engage the user, otherwise we fail.

Jed Nahum (Microsoft Adcenter): We will have to agree on standards, text lengths etc. It would be good if we could agree on API standards. Online advertising is not well suited for small business, but software solutions will make that better.

Read full and more here.

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