2006 Corruption Perception Index

cpi2006 mapAs the 2006 Corruption Perception Index is out, Romania is just one place up from the last year survey and still behind countries like Bulgaria and Moldova.

The 2006 Corruption Perceptions Index is a composite index that draws on multiple expert opinion surveys that poll perceptions of public sector corruption in 163 countries around the world, the greatest scope of any CPI to date. It scores countries on a scale from zero to ten, with zero indicating high levels of perceived corruption and ten indicating low levels of perceived corruption.

Also, the top 10 remains virtually unchanged from last year:

1 Finland 9,6
1 Iceland 9,6
1 New Zealand 9,6
4 Denmark 9,5
5 Singapore 9,4
6 Sweden 9,2
7 Switzerland 9,1
8 Norway 8,8
9 Australia 8,7
9 Netherlands 8,7

Noteworthy examples of countries whose scores suffered biggest deteriorations from CPI 2005 to CPI 2006 are Brazil, Cuba, Israel, Jordan, Laos, Seychelles, Trinidad & Tobago, Tunisia and the United States. In these cases, actual changes in perceptions occurred during the last two years. On the other hand improvements can be observed from 2005 to 2006 for Algeria, Czech Republic, India, Japan, Latvia, Lebanon, Mauritius, Paraguay, Slovenia, Turkey, Turkmenistan and Uruguay.