Send Files Up to 710 MB

If zoso mentioned before about romanian versions of youtube and similar websites, here is a romanian web utility to send files up to 710MB.

Well, I wonder how they decided to set up this maximum upload limit. Does it have anything to do with a CD size? Share your movies guys.

Worth mentioning that the speed is (at least when I tested it) considerably faster than similar services abroad (eg. rapidshare).


My Favorites Symbian Applications

There are some Symbian applications I couldn’t live without, and some that I really enjoy using it on my (old by now) Nokia 6680.

Symbian OGGPlay – the audio player that helps me better manage my 1 GB memory card and turn my phone in a real portable player. It plays MP3, OGG, AAC and MP4 files, it recognizes Winamp playlists and has a skinnable interface.

FExplorer – is another utility that has better functions, a better interface and is much fastr than the phone’s file manager. Plus it lets you explore all the files, including the temp and OS’s folders.

TaskSpy – is a task manager for Symbian OS devices. It allows you to get more control and information over running tasks on your mobile phone. You can quickly switch tasks, kill processes and threads or free unused memory, as well as display detailed information about system resources. Other features, such as tracking cpu load and free memory, though aimed to developers, may result of interest to advanced users. You will be surprised to see how many applications are remaining resident in phone memory after (you think) you close them.

AutoLock – is an automatic key lock application for S60. It starts automatically when the phone is turned on, it has a Setup tool to change inactivity time and it’s running completely at the background. The fact that Nokia didn’t include this as a default feature it still amazes me.

ShoZu – is the easiest way to upload photos and videos to your sharing Web site. With just one click your photo or video is on the Web. It supports a wide range of webservices (from flickr to youtube) and weblogging systems (Blogger, Typepad, WordPress). You never have to worry about syncronizing the pictures you take, the movies you shoot or the agenda with your computer. They will be online by the time you get home.

YahooGo! – brings the internet to your mobile, starting with a push email (for your yahoo account), calendar and agenda sync, news, yahoo messenger, yahoo local or yahoo search.

Opera Mobile – is the fastest, most secure browser available for S60 and Windows mobile handsets.

GMail Mobile Java Client – if you really need all your Gmail features right on your cell then download the java client google developed.

2007 Index of Economic Freedom

The 2007 Index of Economic Freedom measures and ranks 161 countries across 10 specific freedoms, things like tax rates and property rights.

The 2007 methodology has been revised to provide an even clearer picture of economic freedom by using data-driven equations rather than performance brackets which allows countries to be graded using a percent score rather than a 1.5 rating. In addition, labor freedom has been added as a variable. We continue the tradition of blending “Ten Freedoms” equally to produce a simple, unbiased overall score for each country.

The new methodology (probably) helped US to climb back in the Top 10 after 2 years of absence.

The 10th criteria the top is based on are:

  • Business Freedom
  • Trade Freedom
  • FiscalFreedom
  • Freedom from Gov’t
  • Monetary Freedom
  • Investment Freedom
  • Financial Freedom
  • Property Rights
  • Freedom from Corruption
  • Labour Freedom

Romania managed to get to the 67th place in the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom, climbing from 125th position in 2005 and 92nd in 2006.

Out of these Romania scored below world average on Monetary Freedom, Property Rights and Freedom from Corruption.

Here is the top 10:

  1. Hong Kong
  2. Singapore
  3. Australia
  4. USA
  5. New Zealand
  6. UK
  7. Ireland
  8. Luxembourg
  9. Switzerland
  10. Canada

Read more about it here.

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