Gmail Saved Searches

gmail_searches.pngIf you already use frequently Firefox and Gmail (and if not you definitely should!) here is a script that can add saved searches to your Gmail account.

A Saved Search folder looks like a regular mail folder/label, but when you click on it, it runs a search according to criteria that you’ve set previously and it displays a list of messages that match those criteria. A Saved Search is a “virtual folder” in the sense that it merely displays a set of messages that meet the search criteria, while the actual messages remain stored elsewhere. If you select and delete a message inside a Saved Search it will get deleted from its actual location, but if you delete a Saved Search folder itself all of the actual messages will remain intact. Moreover if you modify the search criteria for a Saved Search its virtual “contents” will be accordingly updated. Thunderbird has it. Now Gmail has it too. (Adding Persistent Searches to Gmail)

The only disadvantage of it is that you cannot take it with you as is related to the browser and is not a plug included in the Gmail features. But as the guy that did it works for Google, they might notice the script and plug it in the Gmail standard features.

Gmail Invites

It seems Dragos is right and Gmail is preparing for graduation since I see more and more Gmail users in the last couple of days getting 50 or more invites to give away. I got them too, so if you want any, drop me a line.

Hotmail Upgrade

Hotmail upgradeMy Hotmail account got finally upgraded, well too late after Yahoo! did its upgrade, and after I switched to Gmail.

On the other side, it seems that the field of war between the three giants is getting bigger and bigger as Yahoo! annouced another upgrade to their email account storage as well as some other improvements.