Nokia Communication Center BETA

Nokia Communication Center

Nokia just released today the Nokia Communication Center BETA. The application comes as a useful tool for all people that got sick of the Nokia PC Suite contacts and messages management.

I have to admit it’s an improvement over the PC Suite capabilities both in term of managing (and especially exporting and importing) contacts and both SMS and MMS sending (especially to multiple recipients)

Here is the provided list of key features:

  • Create and send messages easily
  • Receive, view, forward, and reply to messages as they arrive
  • Compose multimedia messages effortlessly with easy access to the images on both PC and device
  • Manage messages, and sort and group them to quickly find what you are looking for
  • Display all your messages in a timeline
  • Manage all the contacts stored on your device
  • Add new contacts with ease
  • Create contact cards complete with thumbnail images