2007 EU Accession might be too soon for Romania

Despite the favorable EU report on Romania economy I still think that 2007 it’s quite an early date for country’s accession among the EU states. Corruption, struggling economy or political pressures on the media might be just some of the arguments. It definitely seems that I’m not the only one thinking this way.

But it seems that for “flailing western economies, expansion would be a dream come true – a vast pool of cheap labour, a huge market for exports, and vast swathes of arable land at knock-down prices”, Tom Wilson says in Why 2007 is too soon article in Ziarul Financiar.
Also, an older article on this the Economist talks about the same things in Don’t count your chickens.
I have to mention here, that even though both articles were written before the EU gave the green light for 2007 accession, nothing changed about the things and problems written there.

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