Iliescu’s Last Act (or is it?)

Mineriada Cozma
UPDATE: In a last minute notice, it seems that (as I assumed) the story does not end here. The official act mentioned here before was revoked today. Iliescu is really enjoying to play games. What if, now, he will play the role of the hero who saved the people?

After one of the last acts (if not the very last) signed by communist ex-president of Romania, Ion Iliescu, Miron Cozma (via @rgumente) was released from prison. Along with him, among others, Petre Isac, the first governmental counsellor convicted for corruption last year and ex-judge Valentino Acatrinei, convicted for corruption as well, Ioan Corpodeanu, ex-police deputy in Timisoara county, member of “Timisoara group”, convicted for 15 years for events in December 1989 (released in the day that marked 15 years from the beginning of the revolution), Vasile Bu┼če, ex-vice president of International Bank of Religions (BIR) convicted for abuse related with an illegal $1 milion credit.

In order to have everything, the Presidential act was counter-signed yesterday by the prime-minister, ex-presidential candidate, Adrian Nastase. Asked today in a press conference about it, Nastase said he “overheard” about this, but doesn’t know any detalis about it. Long live the democracy!!

Reuters coverage: Romania’s Iliescu Pardons Leader of Miners’ Riots

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