Romanian Elections 2004

UPDATE 7: Newest results available for the morning of November, 30th, after counting 87.86% of the votes:


Adrian Nastase: 40,71%

Traian Basescu: 33,55%


PSD+PUR: 36,88%

D.A. (PNL+PD): 31,41%

PRM: 13,65%

UDMR: 6,87%


PSD+PUR: 36,37%

D.A. (PNL+PD): 31,00%

PRM: 12,94%

UDMR: 6,79%

The very small change from the last anouncement, as well as the very small number of votes remained to be counted, give me reasons that these will be the closest figures to the final results, decimal points variations that might come from now on beeing useless.

UPDATE 6: Presidential elections map


UPDATE 5: Read through what international mass media is saying about these elections

UPDATE 4: Capitulation banned!:

Before those who cannot lead a better life unless others lead a poorer one,

Before those who hold elections as a thief would hold a bundle of fake keys,

Before those who steal from the polls, as they have been stealing from the budget, salaries and taxes for a long time,

Before those who came up from the woods and invaded the locals,

Before those who rely upon the backwardness, ignorance and weakness of the forgotten counties of Romania,

Before them, Romania prepares its capitulation.
UPDATE 3: Want to find out more about who’s who, check this Elections, briefly for a short and objective analysis of the parties involved

UPDATE 2 (14:00): After half of the votes are counted the difference remained very small:


Adrian Nastase: 38,90%

Traian Basescu: 34,82%


PSD+PUR: 35,17%

D.A. (PNL+PD): 32,59%


PSD+PUR: 34,12%

D.A. (PNL+PD): 32,90%

UPDATE: Considering the tight difference Fraud worries in Romanian poll will be matter to study and debate.

There are also the few hundred of thousand votes that will come, later I suppose, from the romanians abroad.

First preliminary results, released few minutes ago (after counting 35.65% of the votes), reveal an incredible tight run, for parliament, with a difference of a little more than 1% between the two major political alliances, in favor of the Social Democrat Party (34,44 % vs. 33,21%).

In the run for presidency the difference is a little more than 3% in favour of Adrian Nastase (38,7% for Adrian Nastase vs. 35,46% fdr the opposition leadear Traian Basescu).

Next official preliminary results will come at 14.00 Bucharest time.

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