Stealth Marketing

Stealth Marketing is based on the fact that word of mouth remains the most effective form of promotion. As such, the article Stealth Marketing: How to reach consumers surreptitously (PDF) is giving an insight look in this new marketing trend considered to be a viable alternative to conventional advertising because it is perceived as softer and more personal than traditional advertising.

Here are some tactics and examples mentioned in the paper:

  • Viral Marketing: word of mouth via digital platform.
  • Brand pushers: hired actors who approach people in real-life situations to slip them a commercial message.
  • Celebrity marketing: paying celebrities or famous people money to covertly or overtly promote products.
  • Bait-and-tease marketing: getting people interested in something which is revealed later to be something quite different.
  • Marketing in video games: embedding brands and logos in electronic games, sometimes called “advergaming”.
  • Marketing in pop and rap music: embedding commercial messages in popular music.

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