“Live” Billboards in Times Square

In the digital age, with new technology sprouting ever more elaborate media vehicles to challenge the traditional media mix, one of the oldest media, out-of-home, seems to be holding its own.

Today, Calvin Klein fragrances launch a living billboard in Times Square for ck cne. It’s a billboard where models will live and be visible to the public both day and night. About 40 models are living on the side of a building as part of New York City’s first-ever live billboard.

CK Live BillboardPedestrians are able to view the models as they live in the billboard throughout the day and night. Young models on the billboard have been instructed to create an illusion of a big party 24 hours a day. The billboard features music as well. The models will work through shifts through Wednesday night. They were reportedly told not to drink on the billboard or perform risque behavior.

It seems that CK wasn’t the first and is deffinetly not the last in this kind of advertising.

On July 27th, Target will stage a vertical fashion show on the side of a building at the Rockefeller Center. This fashion show will feature 15 acrobats who will walk 9 stories down the building

Yahoo created a living billboard in LA, featuring a dating single who lived in the Sunset Strip billboard for three days

Adidas staged a spectacular soccer game on the side of a building between two live players.

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