Internet Battlegrounds – July 2005

ZDNet’s IT Facts blog published the July 2005 data for several battlegrounds of the big internet players: search, web mail and (the new one) instant messaging.

ComScore Networks is quoted in a Reuters article with the data on Web-based e-mail usage. With 221 mln users (35.5%) MSN Hotmail leads the market, followed by Yahoo! Mail with 219 mln users and 35.1% of the market.

On searches Google accounted for 59% of searches in July 2005, (with an incredible 14% Year-to-Year growth). Yahoo! was second with 29% of searches, MSN was third with 5.5%.

On instant messaging AOL IM and ICQ had about 41.6 mln US users, followed by Yahoo! Messenger with 19.1 mln, and MSN Messenger with 14.1 mln. Google just entered the game this month so we’ll probably need to wait for a while until they will appear in the top 5.
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