Who’s There? Seth Godin’s New Ebook on Blogging

Seth Godin author of famous bestsellers as All Marketers Are Liars : The Power of Telling Authentic Stories in a Low-Trust World or Permission Marketing : Turning Strangers Into Friends And Friends Into Customers just gave a hand in promoting blogs and blogging among those unfamiliar with specific terms and notions releasing for download the free ebook: Who’s There? (1.6MB, PDF), Seth Godin’s Incomplete Guide to Blogs and the New Web.

This is part of the Incomplete series of ebooks that tries to identify just a few important (and overlooked) ideas and sell you hard on putting them to work for you. I believe that your problem (if you have a problem) isn’t that you don’t have enough data. You have too much data! You don’t need a longer book or more time with a talented consultant. What you need is the certainty of knowing that you ought to do something (one thing); then you need the will to do it.
I’m going to assume that you’ve got one of a few goals. If you don’t want to accomplish any of these things, feel free to ask for a refund (and click here for some entertainment…)
1. Understand how and why the mainstream media is dying.
2. Figure out why your organization needs a fundamentally different approach to the web.
3. Embrace the fact that you can’t just change your tactics… the truth of what you do and who you are has to change as well.
4. Realize that all of this is very inexpensive and very quick. The hardest part is finding the will do it right.

And more than that, if you’re interested on how to make websites that do their job better, then you can download Seth’s Knock Knock ebook released in June (if you haven’t already).

For romanian readers here is the link to Seth’s Permission Marketing… in Romanian.

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