AOL buys Weblogs Inc.

It seems that big sharks media companies couldn’t stay away from the blogging remarkable development and they decided to step in. As I’m writing here, there’s almost sure that AOL is about to make the first move, buying Weblogs Inc, the blog media company founded by Jason Calacanis (pictured at We Media conference today) and Brian Alvey. The deals is said to be between $20m and $35m.

The other side of the story? Blog networks grew fast and big enough to get big media company’s attention. Weblogs Inc. have had an exponential trajectory, with sites like Engadget, Autoblog, BloggingBaby, and others. In total, the company has about 130 bloggers, with about 15 full time employees, is running more than 75 weblogs and hit the $1 million annual mark earlier this year through Google AdSense alone.

As if this is not enough, rumors around are talking about News Corp approaching Nick Denton’s Gawker Media and while others are talking about SixApart network.

I don’t know if all these are good or bad news, but for sure it is a blog media revolution, so to speak, and we’ll probably see things changing in the next few months in the blogosphere.

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