Edleman/Technorati Bloggers Survey

Edleman/Technorati joint survey, regarding blogger’s relation with public relations, are out.

The survey asked bloggers questions related to how PR companies can get the relationship right, how PR companies can help them rather than annoy them, how can improve the conversation, how can earn their trust. The survey questiones 821 bloggers from 53 countries, half of them (54,81% from US, 3 answers from Romania).

Some interesting results from the study include:

  • 34% of bloggers blog to increase their visibility as an authority, 32% do it to create a record of their thoughts – so a majority do it for their personal image
  • Executive bloggers are only half as believable as employee blogs – that makes for an interesting argument against CEO bloggers and in favor of employee blogs!
  • When looking for product information, bloggers tend to trust way more other bloggers (62.85%) than company website (26.19%), corporate blog (6.09%) or company press releases (4.86%).

See full results of the study here. (via)

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