Google Steps in Fighting Splogs

Following the latest buzz in the blogosphere, spam blogs in the system, Google steps in and address the issue.

Here is an excerpt of the article Google: Kill Blogspot Already, that started all this buzz:

Suggestion, Google? As bold as this might sound, you should institute an authentication system – a captcha of sorts – for every single post that gets sent through your Blogger service. This means that there’s no more easy rides for the idiots out there who are killing your baby and the blogosphere. The user logs in, enters their post, then has to jump through a captcha hoop – much like commenters have to do on these days. It’s a simple suggestion, and one that you really, really, really, REALLY oughta consider.

As such, Google followed the suggestion and introduced captchas word verification, for posting or editing posts in blogger system.

Blogger Captcha

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