Microsoft Geeks on Future of MSN Search

If you are interested in an insight into the future of search, search engines, online advertising, there’s an interesting interview of Robert Scoble with two of the geeks who work on making MSN Search better: Andy Edmonds, lead program manager, and Erik Selberg.

It’s a pretty big download to do, 213MB for a 57 minutes video, but it’s totally worth it, as Scoble puts it:

They talk about how the engine works, and what they’re doing to beat the competition. Watch me give them a bit of heck about being behind the other major engines. You’ll enjoy this frank talk from the team.

Scoble is part of the Channel9 MSDN Videos team producing educational and evangelist mini-films targeted towards students and professional developers.

PS For the fun of it, check out the browser that Microsoft geeks are using 🙂 The best one, of course: Firefox.
microsoft geeks using firefox browser

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