Yahoo Local Maps Beta. Google Still Rules

Yahoo just launched it’s new flashy versions of maps online. Unlike Google and Microsoft maps, Yahoo has chosen to use Flash over AJAX in building its new service, and they’ve added new features that are not found anywhere else (checking the good things first).

  • because Yahoo Maps is a flash application, it avoids the need for page refreshes changes are made to the page. A simple drag and drop module on the top left lets users move around easily
  • there are multiple ways to zoom into and out of a map, including using the scroll wheel on the mouse
  • there is excellent integration wth Yahoo Local businesses..
  • they allow multipoint directions, something Google and Microsoft don’t

Well on the other side of the story, Y!Local maps should have been called Yahoo!USMaps since they only cover US so far.

Second, Yahoo!Maps lacks of beutiful satellite imagery that both its competitors put online with Google Maps and MSN Virtual Earth.

Well finally, they have an Yahoo! Maps Embeddedable API, but they are limited to 50,000 queries per IP per day and to non-commercial use.

So, I have to agree with this post, that says that Yahoo’s new pretty maps are doomed (and so are Microsoft’s).

Need more proofs? Check Google Maps Mania, an interesting weblog with links to hundreds of applications of Google Maps already running out there online.

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