Euro Cities Monitor 2005

Senior Executives from 501 European companies, systematically selected from “Europe’s 15,000 largest companies”, gave their views on Europe’s leading business cities, in a study published by Cushman & Wakefield Healey & Baker. The principal findings are:

  • In the overall rating of best cities for business the top cities of London and Paris continue to lead by a pretty big margin.
  • The other cities to move up this year are: Berlin (9th to 8th), Lisbon (16th to 14th), Düsseldorf (18th to 16th), Budapest (23rd to 21st), Glasgow (24th to 22nd), Copenhagen (26th to 25th), Helsinki (28th to 27th) and Oslo (30th to 29th).
  • Valencia and Bucharest head the list of other cities threatening to break into the top 30.
  • Warsaw remains the city that can expect the biggest influx of companies over the next five years, with 41 of our sampled companies expecting to locate there. If this happens, Warsaw would move up to 6th position in terms of international company representation.
  • Prague, Moscow and Budapest can also expect a healthy inflow of companies; and Bucharest is attracting interest. Paris, London, Madrid and Milan are the most popular nominations among the more established business cities.
  • Worldwide, Shanghai remains the clear favourite – 41 of our companies expect to expand there.
  • Beijing, followed by Mumbai and Mexico City can all also expect future investment from Europe.
  • London extends its leading position over Paris but these two cities are well ahead of their nearest rivals. Barcelona overtakes Amsterdam in fifth place with the top seven cities clear of the rest. The small differences in scores of cities outside the top seven means that slight changes in score can produce a movement of several places in the rankings.

Here is the list of cities that made it to the top 10, along with their scores:

  1. London 0.87
  2. Paris 0.60
  3. Frankfurt 0.33
  4. Brussels 0.30
  5. Barcelona 0.28
  6. Amsterdam 0.24
  7. Madrid 0.24
  8. Berlin 0.19
  9. Munich 0.18
  10. Zurich 0.18

You can download the full PDF report here. Via

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