Yahoo!Mail – new version in limited beta

Yahoo! is about to launch a limited (for now) beta version of its popular mail client.

On the upside, this is the first webmail client that doesn’t feel like it’s on the web. It has the look of Outlook (with Yahoo branding and an ad box), slick drag & drop across 3 panes, real keyboard shortcuts and right click menu, and wicked fast autocomplete and caching that lets you scan through folders with thousand of message even faster than and other desktop clients. Some of it will be familiar to Oddpost users, but now it works across platforms (including Firefox for the Mac!) and with Yahoo hosting, storage, search and spam protection it’s simply of a different grade.


Search is not enough

The so called search engines war, is not a search engine war anymore. The war was taken further to advertising, blogging, news and so on. Whatever service from any of the three major competitors in the field, is proved succesfull or potentially succesfull, is taken over by the other two. There was Bloggers from Google. Then just like this there was MSN Spaces from Microsoft (which actually didn’t prove to make too much buzz around). Now, Yahoo! doesn’t like to be left behind, and start teasing us about their future blogsphere presence: Yahoo! 360°. The new blogging service promise to integrate most of Yahoo! functionalities: photos, LAUNCHcast station, Yahoo!Messenger, probably MyYahoo and most likely the very rumored Yahoo!’s text ad system designed to compete with the succesfull Google AdSense.

Talking about AdSense and contextual ads, Microsoft’s Internet group is developing a pay-per-click ad-bidding system that pairs search results with sponsored text messages from advertisers called adCenter. Meanwhile, Google seems to prepare for the two new major competitors in the marketplace and is revising its AdSense policy, adding some small (for now) changes to it out of which the most important are:

  • new ad formats – AdLinks
  • allowing user to disclose their incomes generated by the program (what better promotion Google needs than the success stories that, I think, will invade the web after this change in policy)
  • updated payment options – offer checks to be sent in local currencies to 35 countries and Electronic Funds Transfer to 15 countries

I am looking forward to see how things will move from now on since AskJeeves, the fourth major player in this game, is not making too many moves lately.

Google and Yahoo! are moving on.

Another day, some more features and even more rumors in the war of the search giants.

In an effort to become the online one-stop-shop for small business entrepreneurs, Yahoo today announced its new Small Business Resource Center featuring eight subject channels, thousands of articles and other resources designed to help business owners succeed. Even more than that, next to the rumors that Yahoo! is testing its Google Adsense competitor there are some new rumors that they are preparing to get into the blogging market to compete with Google’s Blogger. And even more. Yahoo is about to launch an online digital music store, and an iTunes-like player, according to various news reports.

Sources told and Cnet News that Yahoo has been working with digital-music wholesaler MusicNet for some time after its buyout of Musicmatch last September for US$160 million.

Meanwhile Google is moving on as well getting its Google Desktop Search out of beta. More than that they added some great new customization options to Google News service that will allow surfers to customize their News front page by creating sections that focus on topics thet care about, for instance, their favorite sports team, technology, or celebrity. The News page can be also designed by mixing and matching existing standard sections from the 22 regional editions of Google News from around the globe.

Yahoo! is moving on

yahooads.gifNearly three years after Google opened its web search APIs (allowing the software developers to query its Web document database directly from their own computer programs and use that data for their own application) Yahoo! is moving on. By creating Yahoo Search Developer Network Yahoo! will allow software developers to create new applications (with the aid of application programming interfaces, or APIs) on top of Yahoo search, including images, video, news and local search. (via C|Net).

Even more than that. Rumors around are cirrculating that Yahoo! is preparing for the big fight with Google. As such, following Google’s succesful AdSense program it seems that the guys are Yahoo are working hard at their new contextual advertising program for blogs and other small publishers.

MSN and Ask are still missing the game, but I really see them in pretty soon, and then we’ll have a real battlefield around.

Yahoo! turns 10

yahoo.gifCreated at first in April 1994 as Jerry and David’s guide to the World Wide Web turns later on, in Yet another Hierarchical Officious Oracle what will be known from now on as Yahoo!. The torrent of traffic and enthusiastic reception Yahoo was receiving, made the two founders realise they had a potential business on their hands. As such on March 2nd 1995, the pair incorporated the business and one month later they came across Sequoia Capital (the well-regarded firm whose most successful investments included Apple Computer, Atari, Oracle and Cisco Systems) who agreed to fund Yahoo with an initial investment of nearly $2 million.

It was the start of what will become one of the world’s most highly trafficked web site, one of the Internets most recognised brands, a company that offers a comprehensive branded network of services to more than 232 million individuals each month worldwide.

A short history of Yahoo!

Yahoo! Face Lift

Yahoo is launching a new version of its home page. Even if it’s get way more streamlined than the old one, I have to admit is still too fullof things I will never use. Well thery’re excused since I personalised MyYahoo! section of the page the way I wanted it.
Here are some of the improvements:

– New items include a weather report users can customize and a “Buzz Log” that analyzes Web search logs to highlight newly popular search queries worldwide
– customizable navigation buttons

– a way more streamlined directory (uhh I love this part)

– one search box lets you search web sites, news, images, products, and more with the Yahoo! new search capabillities

You can read more about the new design and set up your new Yahoo! frontpage here: