Google and Yahoo! are moving on.

Another day, some more features and even more rumors in the war of the search giants.

In an effort to become the online one-stop-shop for small business entrepreneurs, Yahoo today announced its new Small Business Resource Center featuring eight subject channels, thousands of articles and other resources designed to help business owners succeed. Even more than that, next to the rumors that Yahoo! is testing its Google Adsense competitor there are some new rumors that they are preparing to get into the blogging market to compete with Google’s Blogger. And even more. Yahoo is about to launch an online digital music store, and an iTunes-like player, according to various news reports.

Sources told and Cnet News that Yahoo has been working with digital-music wholesaler MusicNet for some time after its buyout of Musicmatch last September for US$160 million.

Meanwhile Google is moving on as well getting its Google Desktop Search out of beta. More than that they added some great new customization options to Google News service that will allow surfers to customize their News front page by creating sections that focus on topics thet care about, for instance, their favorite sports team, technology, or celebrity. The News page can be also designed by mixing and matching existing standard sections from the 22 regional editions of Google News from around the globe.

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