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Another excellent post on Google Blogoscoped Blog listing up more than 25 tips and tricks on using Google search engine and getting the results to be closer to what you’re searching for and doing it in an easier way:

  • A quote/ phrase search can be written with both quotations [“like this”] as well as a minus in-between words, [like-this]
  • Google has a lesser known “numrange” operator which can be helpful. Using e.g. [2000..2005] (that’s two dots inbetween two numbers) will find 2000, 2001, 2002 and so on until 2005.
  • Google’s define-operator allows you to look up word definitions. For example, [define:css] yields “Short for Cascading Style Sheets” and many more explanations. You can trigger a somewhat “softer” version of the define-operator by entering “what is something”, e.g. [what is css].
  • Google has some exciting back-end AI to allow you to find just the facts upong entering simple questions or phrases like [when was Einstein born?] or [einstein birthday] (the answer to both of these queries is “Albert Einstein – Date of Birth: 14 March 1879”)
  • You can use the wildcard operator in phrases. This is helpful for finding song texts – let’s say you forgot a word or two, but you remember the gist, as in [“love you twice as much * oh love * *”] – and similar tasks

Check all of them reading the full post.

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