Traditional Media About Blogs – The Ugly Way

Romanian blogosphere is more and more in the spotlight of the traditional media. And as an example of journalists eyeing the blogosphere, and without minimizing the good intent (supposedly) just noticed an article in the new hybrid journal Gandul, on the blogosphere.

First of all I have to admit I am only talking about the online version of the article. I also have to admit that from the very beginning, the grandious title (The blogosphere sends personal journals to “Trash” and modifies the balance of political elections) and the pathetic black-and-white pie-slice graph surrounded by some percentage data and with a “self-explanatory” legend (1,2,3,…8) caught my attention: “Wow, traditional media is taking care of us”.

I have to mention here that the graph is taken from excellent Timsoft‘s Romanian Blogosphere analysis which if author of the article would have give the least of attention, the article should have looked a little different.

Getting into the content, and passing over the opening definition of the weblog, as “a modern form of former personal journals” and passing over some other general stuff on webloging I have to admit, that the ending of the article is apotheotic. After teaching the readers that if they want a blog they should go to, register, I’m left wondering if this is a PR move of the aforementioned site, or is just the laziness of the journalist.

And to finish good, as good as it started, the last paragraph finally let us know what are blogs used for:

Beyond the fact that they might represent a psychic outburst of their users, the blogs also have an important social and political component. Last year US elections – it’s well known – were decided by bloggers (sic).

Damn! I’m out, setting my brain free!!


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