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I mentioned here before some ad agencies are using various interactive ads, billboards and whatsoever.

Well, the counterattack is here. It’s (probably) not legal, not fair either, but I still wonder who’s gonna stop them. The Bubble Project by Ji Lee in New York City is a great example of co-creativity in public spaces.

Basically he printed 30.000 bubble stickers, placed them on top of ads all over New York City, waits for passerby to fill them in, then go back take a picture and put it on the web. As simple as that.

Ji Lee explains it:

Our communal spaces are being overrun with ads. Train stations, streets, squares, buses, and subways now scream one message after another at us. Once considered “public,” these spaces are increasingly being seized by corporations to propagate their messages solely in the interest of profit. Armed with heavy budgets, their marketing tactics are becoming more aggressive and manipulative. We the public, are both target and victim of this media attack. The Bubble Project is the counterattack.

Here are a couple of examples

bubble project

bubble project ipod

You can see more on the Bubble Project Website.

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One thought on “Interactive Ads – The Bubble Project

  1. Public spaces… It’s a little bit of a sophism to claim that “corporations are invading our public space..” Yo, the billboard are located on private property. It might be cool and chi-chi, but it’s still vandalism…

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