Get Yourself (and Your Computer) World Cup Ready

World Cup is coming, and even if Romania is not there, again, I am preparing for it, so here is an interesting list of resources:

FIFA World Cup Official Website, in partnership with Yahoo!, for the second time (if I’m not wrong) is the place to start and to explore all official information for the tournament, games, the venues, etc etc.

WC Offficial Song – This time, the official song for the World Cup, “Time of our lives,” will be in charge of the opera-pop band Il Divo (who have mixed the bel canto and pop music), and six-time-Grammy-winner Tony Braxton.

World Cup Blog – We live in the 21st century so such an event couldn’t exist without several blogs around it. The seems to be the most complex one, and is dedicated to covering all aspects of the 2006 World Cup in Germany. The site features 32 country-specific blogs, a referees blog and a blog covering general tournament news. Worth a mention the BBC WC blog and the NYTimes WC Blog.

World Cup Wallpapers – getting to your computer now, here is a list of great WC themed wallpapers for your desktop.

Microsoft’s Soccer Scoreboard – even though there are two words I kinda hate in this title (and scoreboard is not one of them 😉 ) this fun program allows you to access all the latest tournament news and information with the click of a button! Live game data allow you to monitor your favorite teams progress in real-time.

World Cup Firefox Extension – for those who, like me, are lazier, they can get all the information and results straight in their favorite browser.(the page is in german, but I have no doubt you’ll manage to install the extension)

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