Romania, Branding and Wally Olins

Wally Olins, creator of the country brands for Spain and Poland, stated at the official launch of his book titled Wally Olins on Brand, he would like to design Romania’s country brand, though he received no offers in this respect yet. Wally Olins stated that his branding consulting services would cost the Romanian State approximately EUR 1 million a year.

Olins added he would accept to be in charge of Romania’s country branding on several conditions: that the authority to which he would report is clearly defined, that authorities understand this is a long-term process and that, in case of a change in political power, the brand research and construction process in Romania will not be suspended.

Ollins is famous worldwide for his contribution to the creation of brands like Orange, Guinness, Renault, Volkswagen and British Telecom. Asked to explain the elements that make a brand successful, Ollins replied:

A brand is expressed through the product, the environment that surrounds it, communication and behavior. An Audi dominate through its presence, Coca-Cola prevails through communication but the Parliament Palace in Bucharest dominates its surroundings through its sheer size. Coca-Cola is that brown drink that has no clear element to define it, but is recognized all over the world.

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