US Elections 2004

Bush Kerry 2004 ElectionsThe big day just came and the results look closer than ever. Will US have another Florida case this year? Here are two links to the live-up-to-the-minute coverage (exit polls, preliminary results etc.) from the two contradictory sources of the last elections results announcements: CNN and FoxNews.

CNN 2004 Elections Results

Fox News- Track Your Races

UPDATE: As for this moment (4.00ET), Ohio became the Florida of this year, even though it seems the things are a little bit more clearer in 2004 and Bush is to remain president for another 4 years. No further comment on this.

UPDATE 2: Well, I said no more comment on this, but everything has actually come to an end with Sen. Kerry calling President Bush to concede the election. I still feel like there is more to be discuss on this, but I will really try to stop here. We can focus now on Romanian elections, huh.

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